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I started playing guitar in the early 80's. As a teenager I became fascinated with how the guitar works and of course started taking them apart to experiment. In earlier years I would always have a qualified "Pro" do the important work on my own guitars but it was never quite to my standards. Often disappointed with the repairs I corrected mistakes and fine tuned what the "Pros" didn't take the time to do. I refined my skills and continued on to start my journey as a luthier, repairing and building guitars and basses. Repairs performed on all string instruments.

Training and commitment
After high school I attended and graduated from the Musicians Institute - College of Contemporary Music in Hollywood, CA. Just months after returning to NJ I met master luthier Tom Doyle who had re-fretted one of my guitars. Years later I inquired and had the great honor of learning fret work from Tom who had done custom work for famous guitarists such as Jimmy Page, Sting, George Benson, Vic Juris and his very good friend Les Paul. I also studied very intently the repair, setup and fretting techniques of world renowned luthier Dan Erlewine. The knowledge from these two "Greats" helped develop my own techniques... a winning combination. 

"I appreciate the importance of understanding each individual musician's playing style and requirements. I have a very serious commitment to my craft and truly enjoy what I do."

Notable Clients: Jack Broad, Tony Ciniglio Ellis, James Chirillo, Pete Fry, Andy Fuchs, Dominic Galluci, Larry Gates, Doug Howard, Frank Infante, Frank Licata, Ronnie Parkes, Jimmy Ryan and Armand Sabal-Lecco. 

Get it done right the first time -
"I take great pride in my work and reputation. My best form of advertisement is, and always will be my customers. No job is ever rushed. The attention to detail surpasses most and is inferior to none. At D'Angelo Guitars you will always receive quality, honest service at a competitive price... 
It's a promise." 
Phil D'Angelo