Experience the difference!
"It plays BETTER than new..."
"Phil- The work you did on my Music Man Stingray was great! Finally that electrical problem is fixed and the fret level & set up you did was excellent! It plays BETTER than new!!"  Ronnie Parkes

TANGO DOWN (Kivel Records)
FARCRY (Kivel Records)

"Phil's a gifted luthier. No need to go anywhere else. I trust him with all my axes."
- Lou Albano - The Seraph Project
"Phil! Thanks for all your great work on my guitars. You're my "go to" guitar guy from now on!"
Mark Scala - Knight Crawlers
"about your skill, service and uncompromising attention to detail. You did a great job with my guitars and I could tell that you were not going to be satisfied until I was satisfied." 
John-Patrick - Mary's Basement
"Phil, Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with all the work you did on my PRS. First the frets are great and the action is unreal. The new electronics are the best and very smooth. The TV Jones pickups are just what I wanted only much better! Last, the new bone nut even looks good besides being cut properly. In all a fantastic job and very much appreciated. I will see you soon with my other guitars! Sorry I didn't get to write sooner, I was too busy playing!" Rich H. - Bergenfield, NJ
"Phil should call his business D'Angelo Guitars "AND BASSES". My Ibanez bass went from good to great as Phil took care to perfectly setup the instrument, let it settle for a day, and then re-assessed the setup for any needed tweaks. After playing it the difference was quite noticeable. My SRX 500 had gone from good to an absolute blast! Additionally, I highly recommend his Pro Setup. The polish work made my bass sparkle. Rest assured, I am coming back."  
Avi U. - Jersey City, NJ
"You're my go to..."
"I cannot say enough..."
"A fantastic job..."
"working with Phil. He is very professional and affordable. He guaranteed his work and his customer satisfaction really made me trust him for this repair. D’Angelo Guitars is the way to go! Phil repaired a broken neck on my "La Patrie Etude" classical guitar and returned it looking more flawless than I expected! You’d never know it was broken. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an honest, trustworthy, topnotch, professional that will deliver wonderful results. I never once felt like he was being dishonest about the expectations. He explained everything thoroughly, gained my trust from the very beginning, and proved himself through the entire process. Thank you Phil!"  Beth G. - Wyckoff, NJ
"From good to an absolute blast!..."
"It was such a pleasure..."
"My father bought me my Harmony Premier over 50 years ago. It is a rare vintage guitar that had seen better days. I stored it away for many years and decided to have it restored back into playing condition. I ran into Phil by chance and I'm so happy I did. Phil took my childhood guitar and brought it back to life again. New frets, new Grover tuners, new bone nut, replaced the loose headstock binding, repaired cracked binding on the body, copper shielding in the wiring cavities, all three original Multivox pickups repaired by Lindy Fralin, original ebony saddle replaced with a modified archtop tune-o-matic bridge, cleaned all 7 pots, strap buttons and a setup (no truss rod in this neck). Phil is "Vintage Safe." I never imagined the final results. Thanks Phil!"
Tony D. - Fair Lawn, NJ
"Vintage Safe. I never imagined the final results..."
Dude, it sounds and plays GREAT! I don't know which I like best... Finally having good intonation, or it playing so smoothly, or being able to sustain certain notes that just wouldn't hold before.

Really fantastic work on the re-fret, nut, and setup. You can be assured I will be working with you again at some point as well as continuing to spread the word.

Thanks again! Pete Fry
I grew up in a music store, and did most of my own setup work for years. As my amp company grew, and my spare time became less available, I had little time to do my own guitar work. A friend suggested Phil D'Angelo. After over literally 40 years of doing my own guitar work, I no longer even care to bother. The quality of Phil's work and his obsession to every detail has made me fully confident about letting him work on anything I own without fear. He's done anything from basic setups, to grind and polish, to complete fret jobs, making my guitars almost transparent in my hands. I can focus on playing, and the guitar becomes a willing vehicle for ideas, without getting in my way. Kudo's Phil, it's an honor to know you, enjoy your work, and recommend you without reservation. Don't even think about making amps... 
:) Andy Fuchs -