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  • String Change: Frets and fingerboard are cleaned and conditioned with oil, new strings are installed and stretched, the instrument is wiped down. This service is available while you wait; call ahead for availability.

  • Setup (6 and 7 Point): Our setups take an average of one hour and we use specialized precision tools. Evaluating the entire guitar, the following adjustments are performed:

1. Adjust neck relief (truss rod) using a precision straight edge and feeler gauge.

2. Adjust nut action with a precision digital dial indicator to measure action of all strings over the first fret, file each string slot with gauged files to adjust height and match each string gauge to allow free string travel for improved tuning stability. Locking nuts are also adjusted for best action.

3. Match saddles to the fingerboard radius. On Tune-O-Matic style bridges the saddles are filed with gauged files to create the matching radius.

4. String height - 12th fret action.

5. Adjust pickup polepieces, where applicable, to also match the fingerboard radius for a consistent distance to all strings.

6. Pickup heights adjusted to an optimal distance to the strings that avoids magnet interference.

7. Intonation is calibrated with a Peterson StroboPlus HD. 

The guitar and new strings are allowed to settle overnight and rechecked. As part of every setup we also tighten neck mounting screws, hardware, clean frets, fingerboard, apply a conditioning oil, and wipe down the instrument.

  • Fret Level, Crown and Polish (LCP): Precision tools are used to evaluate the guitar neck and existing frets. The "Neck Jig" is used to simulate normal string tension. The frets are leveled under this string tension with a precision leveling beam. Finally the frets are perfectly crowned using a diamond file, followed by several polishing grits and finished off with a super high gloss compound to achieve a mirror shine resulting in clean, smooth tone and feel. A full setup is included and thanks to the "Neck Jig" the guitar plays clean with minimal neck relief!

  • Refret: Fret wire are available from vintage thin to modern super jumbo profiles depending on your playing style and desired feel. Extra care is given especially with valuable vintage instruments. Old frets are heated for a clean removal. Precision tools are used to evaluate the entire fingerboard. If humps or twisting are discovered they are corrected first. Precision Radius-sanding beams true the entire fingerboard prior to installing new frets. The guitar is mounted on the "Neck Jig" to simulate string tension; returning the neck into its normal playing position. A specialized fret press tool accurately installs frets into their slots, which is much more consistent than hammering. The frets are precision leveled, perfectly crowned, mirror polished and finished off with a full setup.

  • Nuts and Saddles: Custom made by hand from your choice of material. Bone, Graph Tech Tusq, Corian, Buffalo horn, Brass, and our latest addition, Delrin! Our tremolo-loving customers are going crazy for Delrin. It offers unmatched tuning stability on both tremolo and hardtail bridges.

  • Headstock Repair: Acoustic and Electric broken headstocks.

  • Fingerboard Radius Modification: Where possible and within reason, the radius of a fingerboard can be modified either flatter or rounder to suit the needs and comfort you desire.

  • Neck Profile Modification: Modify the shape of an existing neck to custom fit your hand. If you have a guitar with a neck profile that you love, it can be matched.

  • Pickup Replacement: Looking for that unique sound? One of the simplest and most dynamic changes you can make is with a new pickup. With multiple guitar and bass pickup manufacturers today the choices are endless. We offer competitive pricing on DiMarzio, TV Jones, Lindy Fralin, Fishman, Kent Armstrong, Lace, Cavalier, Brandonwound, or bring your own. Do your research, find out what brand some of your favorite players are using and make the switch.

  • Electronics & Wiring: Replace faulty parts, upgrade to high quality components, and customize your electronics to give you added versatility. Most wiring modifications are available with no permanent alterations to your guitar and will give you added tonal options that are versatile and usable.

  • Weight Relieving: The weight of an instrument is reduced by removing wood from the body and still maintaining balance.

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